Q. Why do I receive a text notification message on my phone instead a picture message itself?

A. This could be the result of two scenarios; firstly you don’t have handset capable of receiving picture messages or secondly, you may not be provisioned correctly to receive such messages.

Q. How can I retrieve my picture message?

A. Within the text message you received both an internet link and an associated password. Please use your own mobile number as well as this password to log in.

Q. How often can I request a password to retrieve my picture message when I lost it?

A. You can request your password to retrieve your picture message up to 3 times a day if you lost it.

Q. Does it cost anything to view the picture at the website?

A. No there is no extra charge for accessing and viewing pictures at the website.

Q. Can I forward the message?

A. Yes you are able to forward each message (once in total) by just using "forward" button. One sending forward is allowed.

Q. Can I reply or forward the message for free?

A. For every message received you will receive 1 free credit which you can use to forward or reply to this message. You may build up credits to use at a later date or for other messages. So essentially if you receive ten messages to the Multi media centre you have ten credits and thus you can either forward or reply to each message once or use all of your credits to forward/ reply to one particular message.

Q. If I want to reply or forward the message can I attach new text/images/sounds/videos?

A. Yes when you want to reply or forward a message you are able to attach new text/pictures/sound/video to your message

Q. After how many days will the picture expire?

A. Your picture message will be accessible for a maximum of 30 days

Q. Once a picture message expires will I be able to access it again?

A. No, after 30 days if you have not sent the picture message to your Picture Album will be deleted.

Q. Is there a maximum number of recipients I can forward a message to at once?

A. The maximum number of recipients you can forward a message to at once, with enough sending credits, is ten.

Q. Can I send a picture message to an email address?

A. Yes with Vodafone you can send all your best pictures, long text and video up to 300 kb to absolutely anyone in the world with an email address*. And what?s more, they can reply straight back via email to your phone for free. Replying back can only be done once per received message.*Disclaimer; Vodafone can not guarantee that all MMS will be delivered to the Recipients email account due to errors and/ or events beyond our control, however every attempt will be made to deliver your message.

Q. Does it cost anything for this person to reply back to me?

A. No to reply back is free, however, they will only be able to reply once.

Q. How many addresses can I add at once?

A. Depending on the handset the maximum number of addressees for the message is 10.-> This should only relate to the number of addresses one can insert when sending from a PC, and should state that multiple addressed should be separated by a semicolon.

Q. What is the maximum message size of the message I am able to send?

A. The maximum message size is 300kb